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Happy International Yoga Day 21st June 2021.


Publish Date: June, 21-2021

We are wishing a very eventful international yoga day in 2021. Yoga is a combination of mental and physical health, and it has come around thousand of years which is practice all over the world. The beauty of yoga is that you have not to become a yogi or yogini for the benefits. Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Don't think that yoga has fancy steps and have a fancy studio, yoga can do anyone and anywhere.

Features of yoga:

1. Child Pose

2. Downward-facing position

3. Plank Pose 

4. Fore-limbed staff pose

5. Cobra Pose

6. Tree pose

7. Tringale pose

8. Bridge pose

So, these are performed exercises mainly in yoga. So, to become fit you must daily do these exercises.

The benefits of regular yoga practice are wide-ranging. In a general, it helps you to improve your joints healthy.

Nowadays, people are not taking seriously on their exercise, they work day and sleep, and not give time to their exercise. So, yoga provides person to have full exercise of their body and also feel relax by doing it.

So, always do the exercise on a daily basis to remain fit

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