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Bulk SMS Service porvider in Raipur - Bulk SMS Service.

Bulk SMS

Publish Date: June, 26-2021

Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction by having Smarter Bulk SMS Campaign, instant OTPs, two-way interactions, and award-winning Sms service providing.

It is a very easy to use, innovative, and comprehensively Bulk Sms service platform:

1. We can send easily powerful Bulk Sms to anyone: Effortlessly personalize your bulk Sms with names or custom fields, compose in 20+ languages, schedule/stagger your sends, add opt path for, and more. Create your own SMS campaigns for your customers.

2. Convey more with SMS attachment: You can convey Sms with the images, URL, spreadsheets, and more as short links, pdf formats, and video formats, by this you can grab the customers. You can convey 160 characters and send files via bulk SMS.

3. Access real-time delivery and click reports: It sees how much it reach the people and how many people are involved in bulk SMS. It also checks that it works effectively or efficiently or not. It sees how much attachment through sent text local links.

4. 5-minute SMS API integration: It is the process of sending SMS to any website, CRM, or application. It understands any computer language mainly  10 languages including PHP, JAVA,.NET, and more.

5. Receive SMS online: you can select the auto-reply option for your customer, so it is beneficial for both customer and service provider also. By this, any customer can reply in long codes or keywords by adding text only.

So, these are the main features are provided by us.

So, fastly join us and the contact number is given on the image...