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All types of job such as Telecaller, Tally Accountant, Filter and Welder, Digital Marketing and Sales Marketing.


Publish Date: July, 13-2021


Telecallers provoke telephonic touch with current and potential customers so that they will generate income. Given their reliance on spoken language, Telecallers need to show outstanding verbal communication. We are attempting to find an engaged Telecaller to enhance income with the aid of using accomplishing out to cutting-edge and feasible customers.

To this end, the Telecaller can be required to achieve lists of individuals' information, and to supply facts for added participants of the goal audience. You ought to additionally jot down essential notes for the duration of conversations to facilitate follow-ups with the aid of using our staff.

Tally Accountant:

Receiving and processing all invoices, fee bureaucracy, and requests for payments. Handling petty cash, making ready payments and receipts. Maintaining accounting records, making copies, submitting documents, etc. Thorough with statutory compliance of deducted and accrued taxes viz Service Tax, TDS, Profession tax.

Filter and welder:

Constructing structural additives from uncooked materials. Using a welding system to fuse structural additives. Inspecting fabricated additives to make sure that they're the suitable size. Utilizing shears, strength saws, reducing torches, and chipper knives to reduce structural additives as needed.

Digital Marketing and Sales Marketing:

The virtual marketer is accountable for a massive part of the business's online presence. Whether they're targeted on social media or internet site improvement is as much as the business. ... They ought to additionally be capable of coordinate with the income group so that it will create advertising campaigns.

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