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If You Find Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Service Provider In India. Then Yes, you are at the right place at PARAMWEBINFO You get every service under just 1 roof. We specialize in all kinds of bulk Whatsapp sending all over City, State, and India. PARAMWEBINFO is also among Top Bulk SMS Providers in Raipur Chhattisgarh with working over the past 6+ years experience in the service company is growing and serving hundreds of businesses all over the world. We specialize in cheap Whatsapp Marketing service in India as well.

Whatsapp bulk sms marketing cost

16 paise per whatsapp bulk sms if purchasing 1 lack sms will get on 16000 plus gst if purchasing 50 thousand will get on 9000 plus gst


  1. Whatsapp msg will go with virtual number.
  2. You can send lacks of message.
  3. can send text,images,audio,video.
  4. Data will be free if 1 lack whatsapp sms then provide 1 lack data at your area.
  5. Data based on area pincode and age wise.
  6. You will get login id and password to run whatsapp bulk sms.
  7. You can send your own contact also.
  8. Data will be deliver time 10 am to 6 pm only according to govt rules and regulation.
  9. After payment you will login id and password for data need to wait till 24hr to 48hr on working days.
  10. Support available at working hour and working time.

Whatsapp marketing
Whatsapp marketing
Whatsapp marketing

More Features of Whatsapp Marketing

  1. Broadcast Lists:
    • Send messages to multiple contacts at once without creating a group.

  2. Groups:
    • Create groups to interact with up to 256 members, fostering community and engagement.

  3. WhatsApp Business API:
    • For larger businesses, the API allows integration with CRM systems, automating responses, and sending notifications at scale.

  4. Catalogs:
    • Showcase products or services within the app, allowing customers to browse and make inquiries directly.

  5. Labels:
    • Organize chats and contacts with labels to manage customer interactions efficiently.

  6. Quick Replies:
    • Set up predefined responses for frequently asked questions to streamline communication.

  7. Status Updates:
    • Share updates, promotions, or new product announcements via the status feature, visible for 24 hours.

  8. End-to-End Encryption:
    • Ensures secure communication, building customer trust.

  9. Multimedia Messaging:
    • Send images, videos, documents, and voice messages to enhance engagement and provide richer content.

  10. Interactive Buttons:
    • Use call-to-action buttons in messages for quick replies, website visits, or direct calls.

Demerits of WhatsApp Marketing

  1. Message Limits:
    • Broadcast messages are limited to contacts who have saved your number, restricting reach.

  2. Privacy Concerns:
    • Users may feel uncomfortable receiving marketing messages on a personal messaging app, leading to potential privacy concerns.

  3. Spam Risk:
    • Overuse or misuse can be perceived as spam, leading to user irritation and potential blocking.

  4. Regulatory Compliance:
    • Adhering to data protection regulations like GDPR can be challenging, especially in obtaining explicit consent for marketing communications.

  5. Limited Analytics:
    • Compared to other marketing platforms, WhatsApp provides limited analytics for measuring campaign effectiveness.

  6. Resource Intensive:
    • Managing a large number of individual conversations can be time-consuming and may require dedicated resources.

  7. No Direct Advertising:
    • WhatsApp does not support traditional advertising models, limiting direct advertising opportunities.

  8. Dependency on Internet:
    • Requires a stable internet connection for both the business and customers, which can be a barrier in areas with poor connectivity.

  9. Platform Restrictions:
    • Businesses must comply with WhatsApp’s policies, and violating these can lead to account suspension.

  10. Customer Expections for Quick Responses
    • Customers expect prompt replies, which can be challenging to maintain consistently, especially for small businesses.


Despite these demerits, WhatsApp marketing can be highly effective when used appropriately, offering direct and personal communication with customers.The key is to balance promotional activities with valuable, customer-centric interactions to maintain engagement and trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

if you have any query regarding our services then read FAQ first

  • What is bulk WhatsApp marketing ?

    Bulk WhatsApp marketing involves sending a largest number of WhatsApp messages to a targeted auidience, usually for promotional or marketing purpose.

  • Bulk WhatsApp marketing services are third-party tools or services that help business send bulk WhatsApp messages.These services usually offer features like contact management,message schedulling and analytics to help of business manage their WhatsApp marketing campaigns more effectively.

  • Bulk WhatsApp marketing services usually require you to upload a list of contacts or phone numbers that you whant to target with your message.They then use their tools or software to send messages to these contacts in bulk.

  • WhatsApp marketing average open rate of 98%.

  • 1. 98% open rates.
    2. 45-60% response rate.
    3. 2 billion active montthly users worldwide,making it the most popular messaging app globally.
    4. 50 million active users as businesses are on WhatsApp.
    5. 54% of consumers prefer to track orders via WhatsApp.
    6. 39% of consumers prefer to get customer service response via WhatsApp.

  • Yes,most bulk WhatsApp marketing services offer features that allow you to customize your messages, videos and emojis.

  • The cost of bulk marketing services can very depending on the provider and the plan you choose. Some providers charge per message, while others offer monthly or yearly subscription plans.


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