Bulk SMS Services In Raipur Chhattisgarh India

We are providing Bulk SMS services in India. We help small businesses to grow their brand by using our Promotional SMS.
It's the cheapest marketing solution to reach prospective customers! We do provide Transactional SMS Service to send alerts
and informational messages to registered users.

Promotional SMS send Marketing to boost your business

Numeric Sender ID like MD-PRMWEB
Send marketing sms as offers, product promotions.
Time limit 9 AM to 9 PM only.
SMS Will not be delivered on DND numbers.
No Delivery Reports.

Transaction SMS Send Transactional Alert SMS gateway

Send SMS with your company name (Six characters)
Pre-approved alert content only
Send 24x7 SMS.
SMS Will be delivered on DND numbers*
Delivery Reports Available.

Multiple Routes for Delivery

Multiple routes with reputed providers help us to minimize our downtime and improve our SMS delivery.

Genuine Delivery Report

We are using multiple operators which provide the genuine delivery report.

How can we use Bulk SMS Service?

Educational SMS

Inform students and parents for attendance, fees and other notices.

Critical Financial Information

Update your client instantly for critical information like payment transfers, credited, debited etc.

OTP SMS For Verification

Verify user identity with instant OTP verification with our Bulk SMS API.

E-commerce SMS

Send updates to your customer for their order like order confirmation, order delivery, return confirmations.

Booking Information

Send booking information SMS for gas, business events, air/rail/bus ticket, and doctor appointments.

Update Your Retailer Chain

Send regular updates in pricing to your retailers to engage and increase conversion.

Prices Business Type Description Duration
500-5000 Rs small medium This logo for small medium organization 2 Days
5000-20,000 Rs Medium type business Here some creative mind 8 to 10 days
20000 to 50000 Rs For Big Organization Private limited etc. Fully creative and thing something new related to business. 30 days

bulk sms marketing
bulk sms marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

if you have any query regarding our services then read FAQ first

  • How much does cost of bulks message service?

    Bulk sms charges 1 lack sms 12 to 14 paise it may varry time to time...

  • Bulk SMS service enables its users to send mass text messages nationally. This is the reason why this type of SMS delivery is one of the best solutions for businesses aiming to reach a specific audience, locally or globally. The most common use of bulk SMS messaging is for: Mass SMS advertising.

  • A Promotional Bulk SMS is a message which is sent by brands/enterprises to their prospects and customers in order to inform them about their present promotions, offers, discounts, updates for attracting them to their business. Such messages are aimed at improving sales, increasing customer engagement, customer retention and loyalty.

  • Usually, text messages are delivered within 15 seconds. However, text messaging isn't always exact and there can be delays due to heavy network traffic, faulty phones or the intended recipient being out of coverage.

  • Extension, plug-in or add-on are different terms that all refer to an application that connect to the browser and improve the user’s navigation experience thanks to extra functionality.

    Users can configure the settings and download extensions or add-ons on any web browser. There is numerous extensions such as graphic customisation of the browser, add-blocking tools, or even direct access to your town’s weather forecast.

    With the TextingHouse extension, users can, without any development
    1) send in a natural way a text message to any phone number visible on the web pages he visits, or on the pages of his intranet or extranet applications, like for example his CRM, his commercial management software, his client management, his ERP.
    2) send bulk sms to multiple recipients from his contact files (marketing, promotional or event SMS campaigns)


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